Juliaetta Elementary School

The history of the Juliaetta School District # 43 is a bit confusing; by historical accounts, there are several documented stories.

In 1885, Rupert Schupfers, Charles Snyder and the Alrick family started Juliaetta’s first school called Harmony Hall. The first school was built on the banks of the Potlatch River. In 1900, a warm rain and a Chinook wind caused the school to wash away along with several other structures.

Historical accounts change in 1895 to reflect that school enrollment was down and a new school was built on the hill. In 1896, the school burned down and students were moved to Wade Bowen’s residence until a new schoolhouse could be built. The new schoolhouse that was built burned down in October of 1891.

In 1902, another schoolhouse was built at the location of the current Juliaetta Elementary School. In late May of 1931, a spark from the Noble residence fire ignited a fire on the schoolhouse. Since the school was insured, the residents decided to let it burn. In the fall of 1931, the school held classes at the Knotty Pine Inn and in local church basements. In 1932, the present day Juliaetta Elementary School was built.

In 1947, Juliaetta Elementary School consolidated with Kendrick. Grade school students from Kendrick would attend Juliaetta and Juliaetta high school students would attend in Kendrick. The last high school graduating class from Juliaetta was in 1947.

Be sure to listen to the local radio or television stations for delayed starts or school cancellation in the event of inclement weather.

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